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Spring Workshop Series *ONLINE via ZOOM*

28th March - Yoga Classics: From Head to Toe. *This workshop now is ONLINE only via ZOOM* How to make each pose suit YOUR body and be of maximum benefit to YOU. This session will be perfect for complete beginners. More experienced yogis will be able to learn how to go deeper. 11th April - Hips and Hamstrings: Yin/Yang. Open to all levels. Unlock your potential by releasing the Hips and Hamstrings! 9th May - Arm Balances and Inversions. Invigorate your entire body and change your perspective! This workshop is open to all, but a level of strength and fitness is required. Female practitioners need to be aware that inversions are not recommended during your period. Each 2-hour workshop is £15, or you could book all three for £36! You can think of each workshop as a stepping stone to improve your strength, mobility and flexibility, and you will take it to the next level by attending all three! *click selected dates only to book a single workshop* *24-hour cancellation policy applies*

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